Saudi Arabia: 46 stations approved for Jeddah Metro

KSA Jeddah will have three metro lines. The first line with a length of 67 km will have 22 stations; the 24 km second line will have 17 stations while the 17 km third line will have seven stations.

Makkah Government. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal has emphasized the need to develop metro-related industries in the region by asking international companies that win transport contracts to establish spare part factories.
The governor made this comment while chairing a meeting of the public transport project in Jeddah on Monday.

Saudi Arabia: Individuals can apply for domestic worker visas

The ministry would issue new licenses at the beginning of next week for companies wanting to recruit domestic workers, to promote competition in the market. (SPA)

The Saudi Ministry of Labor announced Monday that individual sponsors can now apply directly to their local labor offices for housemaid visas.

Previously only private recruitment offices were allowed to apply for visas through agencies in countries abroad. Agency to agency recruitment would still be allowed.

Saudi Arabia : 'Fiesta 1000' art exhibition could run for longer

An art exhibition that encourages amateur and beginner artists to showcase their work may be extended beyond its closing date of May 15 because of its popularity.

The second annual “Fiesta 1000” was launched at TheGallery art space by non­profit art organization Arabian Wings in Jeddah. A wide selection of artwork by more than 300 artists is exhibited in the grand hall.

Saudi Arabia: Is second home for many expatriates

Millions of expatriates who have been living in the Kingdom for several years feel homesick yet find it extremely difficult to leave the Kingdom for a final time.

In fact, those who have left often admit that they too felt homesick before leaving but then felt something was amiss once they had left and yearned to return to the Kingdom once more.

Ahmed Abouldahal is an Egyptian who lived in the Kingdom with his parents for 15 years. Like many expatriates, he yearned to return to his country of origin and so left for Egypt. He now feels uneasy and wishes to return to the Kingdom.

“We face this kind of reality shock when we return back to our home country. We believe that we won’t miss Saudi and that we only feel homesick because we are living abroad.

Saudi Arabia: SR218 million to restore Al-Ahsa historical buildings

Heritage sites in Al-Ahsa such as this old souk will be developed

Al-Ahsa mayoralty, represented by the Building and Facilities Department, began establishing municipal buildings and other administrative facilities in order to develop service and organizational aspects to serve the public.

The project’s cost is estimated at SR218 million and includes establishing buildings for Hofuf, Joatha, Omran and Jafr municipalities, as well as the urban planning building.