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Saudi Arabia : 'Fiesta 1000' art exhibition could run for longer

An art exhibition that encourages amateur and beginner artists to showcase their work may be extended beyond its closing date of May 15 because of its popularity.

The second annual “Fiesta 1000” was launched at TheGallery art space by non­profit art organization Arabian Wings in Jeddah. A wide selection of artwork by more than 300 artists is exhibited in the grand hall.

The gallery has two floors and a selfie corner where visitors can take a photo.

Wasma Hameed Aldeen, Arabian Wings employee, said:“This is a chance for artists with different backgrounds to participate.

“You will find here Fine Art, Photogrammetry, and many other types of art under one roof.”

She said the exhibition invited beginner and amateur artists to participate as well.“It would be a way to encourage new artists since their names will be represented next to the names of famous artists.

“It also a place for socializing since artists can get to know each other.

“Art is like education; to educate yourself you should read more while with art you should see more and be near the piece so the artist can develop his/her work and talent.”

Art enthusiasts can view a selection of paintings, photographs, graphic prints and a number of sculptures

Some canvases depict an oriental theme with Arabic calligraphy and Middle Eastern images, while others portray modern styles and images.

Artists from all over the Arab world have participated in the event to provide a rich variety of artwork.

Aldeen said: “People have started to understand the concept of the exhibition and, therefore, the art submissions for this year have a better and a higher quality compared to the past year.

“Because of the reception to the event last year, artists want to produce better submissions and feel encouraged to do so this year.“Many of the artists this year can showcase four pieces of art, except the established and famous artists.”

Visitors can even purchase the paintings, which cost from SR700 to SR3,000.The gallery gives a chance for the artists themselves to compare their work in the local art scene.

It allows for them to review and learn from each other and work toward creating submissions for next year. Source: Saudi gazette.