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Saudi Arabia: Mega tourism project in Al-Ahsa on way

A tourism project, on a total area of two million square meters is on the way in Al-Ahsa, chairman of the National Tourism Committee at the Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC), Abdulateef Al-Afaleq, has said.

The project includes a commercial mall, hotel, tourism, recreational and marketing services.

He said Al-Ahsa will witness several tourism projects, investment opportunities in Al-Uqair beach, as well as sophisticated tourist events, along with the establishment

  of cooperative societies related to tourism with relevant government agencies.

“Al-Ahsa Tourism Development Council will implement a developmental project to Hofuf-Al-Uqair road, including infrastructure, gas stations and restaurants. The project also focuses on beach trip programs and attract investors to create tourism projects on the beach,” Al-Afaleq said. 

The Ministry of Transport has finally adopted duplication of Aloioun-Al-Uqair road, which coincides with the end of the Roman amphitheater and Seven Lakes projects, he said.

“The council intends to develop the Green Oasis and Hofuf downtown roads and we urge government and private agencies to support this project,” Al-Afaleq said. 

The council communicates with officials in the Ministry of Transport to develop roads linked between towns and villages and provide a permanent supervision to turn those sites to attractive tourist ones, he added.

Source: arabnews