Saudi Visa Invitation Letter through Saudi MOFA & Chamber of Commerce

The Saudi invitation letter is an essential requirement for Saudi visa application. The Saudi invite is authorized from Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also the invitation can be issued via Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce approved for the Saudi Arabian Embassy.This is typically an automated printed Arabic letter provided from Saudi.

This Saudi invite is mandatory for the Saudi visa application process. We require this Saudi invite to create an enzazit "e-number" for your Saudi visa application, and make the necessary payment to the Saudi embassy before the application is submitted for processing.

To obtain Saudi Business invitation letter or working visit visa invitation, the Saudi company can arrange the invitation letter for you through Saudi chamber of commerce or Authorisation from Saudi Government MOFA. You can also get Saudi Arabia Invitation for a friend or a family member through Saudi Arabia MOFA.

If you are planning to travel to Saudi Arabia for Business or Personal reason we can assist you on how to obtain the Saudi invitation. We can also provide businessmen and professionals with our advice and support service to help you arranging the Saudi Business Invitation Letter.

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