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Saudi Arabia: SR218 million to restore Al-Ahsa historical buildings

Heritage sites in Al-Ahsa such as this old souk will be developed

Al-Ahsa mayoralty, represented by the Building and Facilities Department, began establishing municipal buildings and other administrative facilities in order to develop service and organizational aspects to serve the public.

The project’s cost is estimated at SR218 million and includes establishing buildings for Hofuf, Joatha, Omran and Jafr municipalities, as well as the urban planning building.

Preparations are under way to complete Al-Oyoun Municipality building, as well as implementing strategic plans and mechanisms to complete the second phase of Al-Ahsa Mayoralty facilities.

Al-Ahsa Mayoralty exerted great efforts to develop and restore historical and heritage facilities, increase tourism development, preserve urban and architectural heritage and highlight heritage monuments.

The mayoralty is currently working to implement four projects concerning architectural heritage including Al-Fadiliyah historical souk, the central Hofuf Municipality building, the Qaisariyah historical souk, and the historical castle in central Hofuf. The projects' cost is about SR21 million.

Al-Ahsa mayoralty also recently awarded 22 service and developmental projects worth SR350 million, and identified priorities and strategic plans for the implementation and completion of these projects.

These projects include creating bridges, paving roads, developing services, activating regional and local plans for Al-Ahsa, and providing signs and electronic safety means. Source: arabnews.