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What you need to know about travel guidelines in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Visa Services JEDDAH: The Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has released its updated traveler’s guide, which accommodates the ongoing pandemic

after approving international travel for some exceptional cases.

The new regulations entail that non-Saudis who are entering the Kingdom must provide a medical report of their coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test and its negative results, which are not to be older than 48 hours from their flight date. They must report if they are experiencing any symptoms regardless of
their results.

Saudis and expats alike are expected to quarantine themselves at home upon arrival in the Kingdom for the period determined by the Saudi Ministry
of Health.

The new guidelines do not overshadow older ones that dictate that travelers purchase tickets online, get a temperature check upon arrival and accept that anyone with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius will not be admitted into the airport.

Travelers are also expected to adhere to daily preventive measures, such as using hand sanitizers often, wearing a face mask and understanding that they cannot board a plane or stay on one without it, as well as gloves, for the duration of the flight. Upon arrival, passengers are expected to dispose of their masks and gloves in the airport waste bins.

Passengers are requested to use electronic payment methods aboard the plane, adhere to social distancing while queueing to board and on the plane, and to only carry a single piece of luggage inside the cabin. When using luggage trolleys, travelers are asked to return them to their designated area to be disinfected thoroughly. As for airport and airplane crew, they are requested to also undergo medical examination, continuously use sanitizers, and wear masks, gloves and protective gear.

Airports are all required to provide sanitizers and repeatedly disinfect passenger bridges, shuttle buses and medical lifts.
Glass barriers have been installed by GACA to distance travelers from airport service providers when issuing boarding passes and through baggage claim.

An isolation ward has also been established in each airport to contain any individuals suspected of carrying the virus.
Social distancing is expected to be maintained across the airport as well, between travelers and service providers in restaurants, cafes and duty-free markets at a 1.5 meters distance between them. When queueing in the airport, people in lines will also have to stand 1.5 meters apart. source arabnews