Thaj archeological site dates back to 3rd century

Photo/Saudi Tourism

Saudi Arabia Visa Services Thaj archeological site is located about 80 km west of the Jubail Industrial City, in the Eastern Province. It is a small village on the border of Sabkha, known as Thaj Sabkha.

The construction of the city dates back to the Hellenistic period, around the early 3rd century BC.
A research expedition was conducted by the Danish mission in 1968. Another was headed by the Antiquities and Museums Agency at the Ministry of Education from 1982-1983, which revealed the existence of a full-fledged city surrounded by a massive external stone wall.
The length of the wall is 900 meters. There is a central mound where remains of a foundation — walls and houses — are clearly visible. Pottery, glass pieces and decorative items were also discovered. source arabnews