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Saudi Arabia: 47 percent of Arabic tweets "Saudis post"

RIYADH: Saudi tweets account for more than 47 percent of all Arabic content on Twitter, according to a recent study.Twitter has made it big in Saudi Arabia, since Arabic was introduced onto the platform in 2012,”

MVF Global said. With just 140 characters, MVF Global added, Twitter has become the largest real-time conversation ever created, “a global platform for self-expression to discover common interests.”

“Saudi Arabia is one of the youthful nations and rapidly developing economies in the Middle East. Being part of the conversation in Saudi Arabia is a must for business,

” MVF Global said.It added that owing to a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure, Saudi Arabia has almost 19.6 million Internet users and 53 million mobile phone accounts

Approximately 3.2 million Saudi Internet users spend an estimated $3 billion on products and services via e-commerce, a figure that if not doubled has certainly multiplied over the course of the last five years as a result of active social media use, the study said. arabnews