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Ushaiger Heritage Village, a stunning example of Saudi Arabia’s Najdi architecture

Photo/Saudi Tourism

Saudi Arabia Visa Services Hidden in the heart of the Najd, a region laden with oases 200 km northwest of Riyadh, Ushaiger Heritage Village provides a glimpse of the slow-paced Saudi society of old.

Ushaiger means “small blonde,” which describes the small sandy-brown mountain located north of the village.
Encased in thick walls, Ushaiger is a labyrinth of winding alleyways, shaded pathways and timber-framed walkways, crossing between hundreds of mud houses. The village is divided into districts and bisected by groves of palm trees, and includes a cluster of beautifully renovated houses.
These offer a stunning example of Najdi architecture, with its distinctive triangular windows and roofs, and ornately carved wooden doors. Some still bear the names of the families who lived there. source arabnews