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Saudi Arabia: Young Saudis win praise for talent

JEDDAH: Young Saudis displayed their business projects and other talents, such as handicraft items and designer clothes, at an exhibition here and earned accolades by people from all walks of life.

More than 250 participants took part in the 7th annual Young Businessmen and Women Forum and Exhibition over the past few days at the Jeddah International Center for Forums and Events.

The exhibits, according to prominent personalities quoted by local media,

particularly challenged the notion that Saudi youth are “overly dependent, unproductive and irresponsible”. Businesswoman Ghada Ghazzawi said she attends the exhibition in support of youth and their business projects, as well as “to discover the beautiful and unique ideas and projects that need support.”

She said she has noticed over the past years that the majority of youth are serious, committed and successful in transforming their simple ideas into reality.Maha Al-Faran, Saudi television anchor, refuted claims that Saudi youth are dependent on others. She said the projects on display at the exhibition are proof that they are productive and successful. “The young Saudi man is in fact committed to the country, society and family and plays a positive role in building himself and the community.”

In the opinion of TV host Rula Al-Maimani, many young men and women have proved their place in society and challenged claims about their productivity through the successful exhibition.

Nauf Badawi, who visited the exhibition, said she was impressed to see young men and women displaying their works, from drawings to photographs to designer clothes and baked items. “Many of her friends no longer see an issue in marrying an honest young Saudi man with simple skills and beginning their path to success together.”

Dr. Nawal Othman Al-Zahrani, a consultant psychologist and family therapist, said family plays a critical role in the development of youth through teaching them positive values and behavior, as well as by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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