Saudi women visit the Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market (STTIM) fair in the capital Riyadh, in this March 24, 2008 file photo. (AFP)

DAMMAM: Further investment in tourist sites across the Kingdom required to attract more

tourists and prevent money from going out of the Kingdom during the summer. Many people from the tourism sector have appealed to businessmen, as there are many sites that need support and infrastructure.

Abdullah Al-Sharif, from the tourism sector, said: “Saudis refuse to visit tourist sites here despite their quality and charm due to the lack of modern tourism elements, such as various markets, amusement parks, and children's playgrounds.”

He said that there is an urgent need to provide tourism sites in the Kingdom with these necessary modern elements, adding that the Kingdom is characterized by quantitative and qualitative economic superiority which qualifies it to play a greater role on the Arab tourism map.


Salman Muhammad said that the Kingdom faces a great challenge to keep these large amounts of money from leaking out, demanding businessmen to establish markets, stadiums and entertainment cities in the tourism areas. “I believe that Saudi businessmen have great investment thinking, making them able to turn several sites into major economic and tourist points,” he added. Source: Arabnews.